General Communication Services -
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General cell site deployments

General Communication Services

Niksen offers to our partners turnkey solutions on time, provided by well-trained organized professional team. Management team is fully capable of reliably deploying projects of any size, attracting the best talent in industry, and owning all project issues and filling voids to achieve project timelines and customer needs. Our strategy to focus on a very short list of partners keeps us fully dedicated to our commitments and allows us to outmaneuver and outperform competition. Our strategy to create ambitions and highly motivated field crews have led us to become a major producer for challenging markets. The quickly growing and ever-changing telecommunication construction industry environment presents unique challenges, and demands knowledgeable and collaborative solutions that we are known to deliver. Our experts understand the complexities of network and site deployment and fight hard for our clients to ensure that projects are completed up to the customer standards. Our extensive experience with all types of structures and carriers ensures that Niksen will meet customer expectation in any range of services: L&A, DAS, Small Cell, Smart City, TOW/COW deployment, Decommissions, Testing and Maintenance, Service and Upgrades, Emergency Services, Power Solutions and Integration, and others.